Thraess, Heralds of the Harbinger

Thraess are mythological “chosen” people of the Thraek, elevated in legend above men to serve as powerful sorcerous allies on the field of battle.  The Thraess are a small devoted group within the religious following of the god Thraek. In return for their devotion, Thraess have been chosen from the his followers and given a deep connection with Thraek; gifted with powerful arcane abilities, and long life. Thraess serve for centuries until they are slain in battle or sacrifice themselves to further the will of Thraek.

Long ago, the Thraess grew tired of serving human kings and warlords in order to serve their god and banded together to carve out a kingdom in the name of Thraek .  Most stories say that they were unsuccessful, and as a result Thraek allowed the Seven Kings of Lleiades to throw them upon the rocks at Land’s End.  As this embittered time is now thousands of years in the past, it’s safe to say that no one living knows the truth.

Legends say they now live in secret… far in the northern reach of the kingdoms, where ice, stone and fire reign and where men dare not tread.

Nearly seven years ago, when the gods vanished, Thraek’s connection to the Thraess was painfully severed. While all Thraess still have the ability to channel the arcane, the severed connection and created a rend between their body and spirit; causing them to fade in to fade partially into the spirit world for short periods of time. Because this ghostly appearance frightens most people, Thraess hide their bodies with long hooded robes.

Without their god to guide them, many Thraess have simply become a bloodthirsty killers on whatever battlefield on which they find themselves. It is not uncommon for Thraess to be known by many names so all of their deeds are not always attributed to them.

Thraess, Heralds of the Harbinger

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