Order of the Raven's Blade

The sword arm of Ciara’dhakiyah, the Raven Queen, the Order of the Raven’s Blade are a collection of assassins, spies, and trained hunters of all the terrors that strive to destroy or sow fear in the mortal realm. They are missionaries who wish to take back the night from those who would use it for their nefarious ends. They preach that knowledge, stealth, and awareness are just as invaluable as weapons, as any sword made from the finest of smiths.

Basic Mission: They hunt and destroy demons and undead, which they see as an affront to their mistress, beyond the realm of the living, and defying death, they’re viewed as obstructions to the “natural order of things.” Magical creatures and abominations that slay and harm, sowing strife and destruction, are also ruthlessly hunted down. Warmongers who rage incessantly across the country-side are also viewed with contempt, for they bring unnecessary early ends. hey will also try and teach those on the borders and of places in the wild how to defend themselves, through protective magic and some formal training in physical defense. Often times they will leave a guardian in place for many years to care for these heavily infested areas while the populace learns their ways.

Ranks (order from lowest to highest)

Green Guard(ian) Initiate
Blue Guard(ian) Journeyman
White Guard(ian)
Red Guard(ian)
Black Guard(ian)
Raven Lord
Raven Maester
†the Fated† (Champion, Highest Honor, would follow the orders of the elders, but could lead or choose to follow their own set of orders, which were usually given to them by the Lady herself)

Order of the Raven's Blade

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