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The Obsidian Crown, long has it rested upon the brow of the best of men. The Great King, his very heart filling the city with strength and pride. But the last Great King is dead and in his stead sits a lesser man. One who has been corrupted by greed and rendered inert by fear. While the Obsidian Crown may still rest atop his head he has given away all but the meagerest of control of his once great city.

After 15 long years of campaigning, the Wolves Head, fiercest amongst the Great King’s army, has returned to answer their king’s final summons, “Return at once, your King has need of you.” What they find is not the land they’ve long held in their dreams but a pale shadow of their once great kingdom, its populace fearful and xenophobic.

What will the Wolves Head do when they learn their king is dead and his replacement is a coward? Will they rally behind their new king to rebuild their once great land? Or will they declare war on this imposter and take back the land by force?

The adventure begins!

The Obsidian Crown

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