Thraek, the Harbinger

God of Arcana and Warfare

Thraek is most pleased by his followers show courage and earn glory in battle as well as those who seek knowledge in the ways of warfare and magic. Thraek transforms the most devote of his followers into Thraess, granting them with great magical powers and direct connection to his Essenes and will.

In addition to granting magical powers his chosen Thraess, he blesses all his followers by, upon his discretion, granting them temporary powers and connection to his essence. Prayers from those who fight with bravery, earn glory, use and/or revere magic, and seek knowledge of magic and warcraft are most likely to be blessed with power.

The powers available through prayer to his people are:
Armor, barrier, beast friend, blast, bolt, boost/lower trait, burst, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, entangle, environmental protection, fear, fly, light, obscure, quickness, shape change, smite, speed.

Showing mercy to an inferior foe, being beaten in combat or allowing anyone to blaspheme the name of Thraek are many ways to displease Thraek. Thraek will punish those who flee a fight against an inferior opponent or are being beaten in combat without good cause. Surrendering without a fight, blaspheming magic, denouncing Thraek, or abstaining from warfare will bring Thraek’s wrath upon the you or blessings on your enemies,

Thraek, the Harbinger

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