Ciara'dhakiyah, the Raven Queen

The Raven Queen, the Intuitive Lady, She Who Protects when Darkness Falls, She who Assists Fate

Aspects: Balance, Fate, Intuition, Knowledge, Protection and Vigilance

Powers: Armor, barrier, blast, bolt, boost/ lower trait, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, entangle, environmental protection, healing, invisibility, light, puppet, quickness, shape change (ravens only), smite, speak language, speed, stun

Duties: As a Guardian to the gates of the afterlife, she teaches that life is sacred, but that there is always a need for those to stand up and protect life from those who would cause others an untimely demise and to fight off the horrid strife brought on by evil and the unnatural. She also teaches that death is the natural order of the life cycle, and those who pursue the art of necromancy make a mockery of this. She also strives to teach others the necessities of Knowledge, Information, and Intelligence and how they might be better put to use in protecting the world from those who wish to throw it into oblivion. Know the rites of burial and passing, and teach respect for those who are crossing over the threshold.

Sins: Minor: Being cruel to your fellow mortal or benevolent being; this is not in regard to breaking or binding someone who is in alliance with a destructive force, but they must be given the chance to amend for their ways or wrong choices, unless time is of the essence. Allowing an evil being to being to escape unwounded or unchecked. Major: Denying aid to those in need of assistance from the supernatural or the malign. Allowing an evil being a second time to escape unwounded or unchecked. Mortal: Killing Innocents, life is sacred; however, there will be times when a situation cannot be avoided, and in these cases, if you do not at least attempt a true saving of the innocent than you are just as guilty as if you killed them. Making pacts/ alliances with Demons or Necromancers; however breaking or binding them for information, is acceptable under dire circumstances. Choosing to become one of the undead or blighted creatures of the dark.

Ciara'dhakiyah, the Raven Queen

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