Protheus Elander



A deep ocean blue cloak flows downward from his shoulders with hood covering the deeply tanned skin of his handsome face. Embroidered in white on either side of the hood, on the left side an eagle soars, and on the right a dragon in flight; both open mouthed with claws reaching to grab prey.

Emblazon upon his blood red leather vest is the symbol of his god; a silver eagle and dragon chasing one another in a circle. Charcoal cloth leggings run down from his waist in calf high blood colored boots.

An, obsidian like, black great sword is strapped to his back, with a silver dragon and eagle etched into either side of the blade. Hanging upon a silver chain inside the symbol of Thraek, is a black diamond being swallowed by a dragon’s and eagle’s head on either side. The magical diamond pulsates with the power of Thraek; the diamond ebbs between black and the color of fresh blood.

Protheus Elander

The Obsidian Crown Protheus