Brigand, Son of a Displaced Noble House


Caen is a handsome human male, standing just shy of six feet tall. His is thin but well-muscled, particularly his arms. He has long blonde hair that is always wild and unkempt. He has a short pointed goatee and thin mustache. He wears wide brimmed hat and dark brown cloak that conceals his body. A black silk eye patch covers his right eye. His left eye is a solid pale blue that is nearly devoid of all pattern. His right eye usually covered by the patch is honey colored.


Caen, the youngest son of Duke Dorian Aslen, lived a quite life on the steps in the far reaches of the kingdom. He spent his youth playing in the forests of the steppes learning to fight and hunt from his father and older brothers. Life was good, he was happy and his father was well respected and loved by his people.

In Caen’s twelfth year his world would be shattered when Dorian’s most trusted advisor Garell Ranen turned on him, seizing power for himself. The battle was brief and brutal, Ranen having sown the seeds of descent amongst the men of the manor house. They slaughtered Caen’s family without mercy; he was only spared when by chance he fired an arrow at his attackers through a family heirloom who’s magic, fueled by his fear, teleported him onto the family grounds.

He ran to the woods and vanished, easily loosing his pursuers in the gloom of the woods. Caen survived on wild game and spent the winter alone in the woods, thoughts of revenge keeping him warm in the cold winter nights.

Caen fell in a band of rogues and found himself quickly rising in the ranks thanks to his incredible talent with a bow. His charm and quick wit led to him becoming something of a local legend. That along with his willingness to give away anything and everything of Duke Ranen’s he could get his hands on.

As he has aged he has grown arrogant and relies on his devilish good looks and charm to get him out of most spots that his bow cannot. No sacrifice is too great to see Duke Ranen to his grave.


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