Alastair Mortlock

Daniel's father, a loyal advisor to the crown of Anterrus


Daniel Mortlock‘s father. Cold and distant, Alastair was never conflicted about where his loyalties belonged; it was to his king and crown. Alastair took a wife and sired children because it was his duty to ensure the proliferation of his family line. Alastair was not a cruel man, just detached and uninterested. He rose quickly in his majesty’s service and at the time of Daniel’s departure was Lord High Commander in charge of all of his majesty’s army.

Upon the PCs’ return to Tyrion, Alastair supported his son’s defense against charges of treason at the hands of Duke Ranen. Alastair currently acts as a principle adviser to the crown and his son, who has taken office as the Lord Regent.


Alastair Mortlock

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